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May 28

“The Boy Smoked the Pages”: Parallels With the Personhood of Monsters

Originally posted March 2 2013 on Tumblr. The scene in “Everybody Hates Hitler” in which Aaron reveals the use to which he put the pages of the Golem book is fascinating in its potential parallels to one of this season’s themes—the personhood of monsters. The monster as a person with rights of self-determination, who can …

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May 25

“Fall From Grace With Me”: Free Will, the Golem, and the Angels

Originally published March 19 2013 on Tumblr. Golem: Yifalkhunbi! Aaron:Enough! Please! Quiet time! Sam: All right. What was that? What was he saying? Aaron: It’s Hebrew for something like “take charge,” but I have no idea what he means.  The Hebrew “word”/ phrase that the Golem speaks to Aaron, Yifalkhunbi—most likely ‘פלחנב’ in the Hebrew— is an interesting one. It presents …

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